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Independence is the new way forward

Our vision is to enable all of those in our care to lead a fulfilling life, in the way that they want, with the support that they choose. This is at the heart of our organisation and in the foundations of the support that we offer.

With this in mind, we are incredibly happy to announce that in March this year, we enabled a number of our long term residents to move into their own private accommodation.

With a number of flats in Workington and various plots within a new housing development at Broughton, we have secured private accommodation that will enable those in our care to get the independence and privacy that they want and deserve.

With round the clock care and support that meets their needs, they will still have all of the benefits of our residential accommodation but in their own home. This move to independent living is a new step in our offering. It provides those in our care to gain independence, privacy and access to high-quality accommodation that they can personalise to become their home.

We would like to thank all those involved in this project for helping to increase the quality of the lives of those in our care and helping us to achieve our vision – supporting people with learning difficulties to live an independent life successfully and happily.

We look forward to a future where more of our users are in their own home and can’t wait to see how the residents in Workington settle into their new homes.

Career opportunities

This new form of care means that we have a number of vacancies, supporting people to lead independent, fulfilling lives. If you are interested in a career in care, please visit our careers page for more information and to apply.