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Meet our apprentice – Angela

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with Angela, currently an apprentice within our enterprise, The Pottery, to find out what made her choose an apprenticeship and what she hopes to gain from it.

Why did you decide to join an apprenticeship scheme?
I had been carrying out a voluntary work placement, which was going really well as I feel that I learn better on the job and had developed enough to feel that I could apply for an apprenticeship within The Pottery.

What skills did you particularly want to get from the apprenticeship?
I wanted to become skilled enough within the enterprise to gain full-time employment, using my knowledge of computing and developing my skills in supporting people and using clay.

What are some of the best bits that you’ve enjoyed along the way?
I enjoy the sense of achievement on people’s faces when I see them sell one of their items and the pride that they show when this happens.

Have there been any big learning curves along the way?
I have achieved more than anyone else thought I could ever be able to achieve, I thank my colleagues for this but they remind me that it is my achievement and my work that has made it possible. I take on responsibilities that I would never have done in the past as I feel that I am being supported to develop and listened to when I make suggestions. I have been told that I am good at what I do, which helps me think more positively about myself.

What new skills have you learnt?
I can now lead a group on a daily basis within The Pottery and have supported when groups of people have come for one-off sessions. I have also supported event stalls and can now input our products onto our selling sites.
I can produce the full range of pottery that we sell and have completed all of the required online training whilst continuing to complete my college training.

What are your hopes for the future?
To complete my apprenticeship, build a career within The Pottery and develop my support skills further.

How do you see this apprenticeship in helping you achieve those hopes/goals?
By showing my commitment to my workplace and the level of the units I am submitting, I feel that I am being given the practical and educational knowledge that will support me and my future career.