Care and support for adults

West House specialises in providing individual care and support to people with learning disabilities across Cumbria. This includes support in your own home, a rented property, a shared house or one of our residential care homes.

We are experienced in providing care for a wide range of needs. This includes 24/7 care for people with complex needs resulting from learning and other disabilities, through to providing occasional support for someone living independently.

Our support is centred on our core values. We provide a positive, person-centred and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and treated as an individual.

West House is a family and once in our care, we work closely with everyone in your family and the support agencies you need. This allows us to make sure everything we do is in your best interest and your needs and wishes are met.

West House can help you to plan a potential move into a new home or think about a new care arrangement. We will help you assess your needs and can design a tailored support package for you. We’re happy to help you explore ideas and can signpost you to other organisations that can help you as well.

If you would like more information on West House and how we can help you with your care and support, please call 01900 67777.

Each one of our employees strives to work to our core values in everything they do.

We are committed to providing a person-centred, inclusive and positive environment in our facilities and social enterprises for those that we support and our visitors.

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