In the Community

Our vision is to support people to live a fulfilling life, in the way they want and with the support they choose.

Support within Community Activities is designed around your needs and future aspirations. 

We focus on what we can achieve not what we cant – life is for living and we should all expect to live it to the full. 

We work evenings and weekends as well as offering day time support.  You can access as much or as little support as you want at the times that suit you. 

Our aim is to develop independence and promote active citizenship. 

We can offer:

Social Enterprises

Many of the people we support want to acquire the necessary skills, qualifications and experiences within real work settings to live a more ordinary life outside of the traditional models of care and support. 

We offer people the opportunities to do this within our Social Enterprises. 

Opportunities exist within our  Pottery, 12 Acre Horticultural Project, and 3 Community Based Cafes. 

Working in partnership we offer vocational supported work placements, access to Education and qualifications, CV building.   

Most importantly we provide the opportunity for people to learn about work, develop independence, self confidence and recognise their potential and the valuable contribution they can make.   

 If you would like to talk about any of the services or support opportunities we offer please contact Lesley Reid via email.


Travel and transport present many challenges particularly in rural areas such as ours.

While West House do not offer transport services, we work in partnership with Cumbria County Council in helping people to be less dependent upon transport.

Our aim is to provide people with disabilities, wherever possible, access and use of the same means of travel as anyone else within the community. This includes walking, public transport, mobility vehicles and taxis.

Each person’s need for transport will be agreed as part of the support planning process in line with their individual needs and chosen activities. This will include opportunities for training and progression leading to, where appropriate, increased independence.

Each one of our employees strives to work to our core values in everything they do.

We are committed to providing a person-centred, inclusive and positive environment in our facilities and social enterprises for those that we support and our visitors.

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